2018 Year 7 Scholarships

Students enrolling in Year 7 at Monterey Secondary College in 2018 are invited to apply for the Scholarship Program for the 2018 year. The General Year 7 Scholarships are open to all students in the Year 7 intake, and will be limited to 6 for each Primary School.

The General Scholarship will be worth $400.

The scholarships are provided as an electronic credit to the College account of the recipient. This credit may be used for:

  • College fees
  • Subject contributions
  • Camps
  • Sports/Excursions
  • Instrumental Music

Forms can be collected from the College Office or in the Year 6 Welcome Packs.

All Scholarship application forms must be submitted to the College Office by 4.00pm on Friday 12th May 2017.

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