A Busy Week for our VCAL Students

It has been a busy week for our VCAL students.

Year 11 students learnt about product development and global marketing at UNIQLO as well as beginning to understand project management through an hour of one-on-one discussion with the Eastland Centre Management.

Year 12 VCAL students also travelled to Eastland to develop writing projects focusing on community, stereotypes and the concept of vastness of spaces. It produced some amazing collages of words and images.

Our VCAL students with the UNIQLO Marketing Team at Eastland.

ALL HANDS TO THE PUMP! What a great way to learn some practical skills in VCAL while practising team work and collaboration. This is part of the Certificate 2 Course in Public Safety undertaken by all VCAL students.


Have we got the pressure right? Checking the system on the firetruck to ensure correct delivery pressure at the fire front.

Direct contact with the Federal Government is a great way to find out what the plans for Australia are for the future. The message is to develop broad range of skills and keep learning as much as you can for a versatile work future.

Member for Isaacs, Mark Dreyfus, having a candid exchange with all VCAL students.