Madison, Mikayla and Tyler representing Monterey Secondary College at the ANZAC Day Ceremony at the Seaford RSL

On a cold, rainy morning of Wednesday the 24th of April, the College Captains and Acting Principal Ms. Cavey ventured out to attend an ANZAC day ceremony held at the Seaford RSL. Our morning was filled with guest speakers, including a veteran who gave us an insight on his life during his experiences of being in the war. Our College Captains spoke on how we feel about war and how instead of just using the public holiday as an excuse to have a barbeque with a few beers, we use the day to celebrate, congratulate and commemorate the sacrifices and consequences the soldiers had faced for us to live in a free country, and how we will forever be filled with gratitude towards those who have fought past, present and future. Lest we forget.