ATEP Awards

Monterey 2017 VCAL Year 12 students, Cameron Manu and Glenn Goldsmith were finalists in the Annual ATEP, ( Apprenticeship and Traineeship Employment Partners) Awards on 4 May 2018.
These Awards covered students from all over Melbourne and as far away as Fish Creek in Gippsland. It was a credit to these boys to have two nominations for Monterey.
Cameron’s nomination was for Best School Based Trainee, Community Project, Parks, and Gardens. Glenn won his section as School Based Trainee, Parks and Gardens, Encouragement Award and plans to take up an apprenticeship in the field. Several other Monterey graduates from ATEP Parks and Gardens are now undertaking apprenticeships.

Students at Monterey sign up for SBATs in a number of trades and professional activities.
This year we have students undertaking SBATs in Plumbing, Hospitality, Parks and Gardens, Automotive, Building, and Business. Most trades can offer SBATs to interested students, teaching trade skills on the job and reducing time as apprentices once they leave school.