Digital Learning and Information Technology is now a fact of life. We live and work in a digital world that requires students to have a range of digital skills and this is integrated into the core curriculum of the College.

In 2017, Monterey changed how students use IT in the classroom. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program will allow students to purchase or bring their own device to use in class, giving families the freedom to make their own technology choices that suit their student’s needs and circumstances. Students will be required to bring their device to school each day, in good working order and fully charged.


All families are responsible for the purchase, care and maintenance of their child’s device. To ease the burden of the cost of purchasing the device, the school no longer requires students to buy textbooks each year. Parents could potentially save up to $400 a year on the cost of textbooks, allowing this saving to be reinvested into a child’s device.


Technology plays a crucial part in students’ lives and therefore needs to be a core part of their learning and a schools curriculum. A BYOD program provides a cost effect program for both schools and parents, requiring little technical support. Students may already have devices superior to what the school can provide, meaning that students are already familiar with their device and can reduce the cost impact to families.

The BYOD program encourages a shift towards a model of learning that enables students to self direct their learning and collaborate with their peers and teachers. Studies have shown that having a device and learning new platforms allows students to develop new ways to create and share their work and to work with others. It also allows their learning environment to extend beyond the four walls of a classroom and the confines of the school grounds.


  • Must support a charge time long enough to be used all day without recharging
  • Screen size must be at least 7 inches
  • Should have a protective case
  • Mobile telephones are not considered suitable devices and will not be connected to the school’s wireless network


  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Must have antivirus installed and be up-to-date, to be provided by the school


  • Must have OSX version 10.7
  • Must have antivirus installed and be up-to-date, to be provided by the school


  • Must have at least iOS 8
  • Must have an active iTunes account to download required applications

Android and Chromebook:

  • Must have an active Google Play account to download required applications
  • Students are advised to have an attachable keyboard