Senior School

Senior School at Monterey Secondary College covers Year 10-12.

Choosing a pathway is often a difficult task because career development is a long-term process. As we grow, we change, and so do our goals and preferred career outcomes. At the same time, we are aware that the employment and labour market are constantly changing and that the career we focus on now may simply not exist in the future. At Monterey, we believe that the process of subject selection needs to incorporate careful planning, evaluation and reflection, as well as accommodating individual interests and abilities.

There are at least three basic stage for successful career planning. The first is to know where you are starting from. This is called Finding out about Yourself. All Year 10 students complete a Careers Plan which explores careers interests and pathway options.

The second stage of successful career planning is to identify the pathways that can take you from where you are to where you want to go. A great deal of relevant information can be found on the internet, in particular, the MyFuture website which allows individuals to explore their career options.

To help students select a career pathway, a number of themed programs have been developed. These programs cater for students with varied interests and aspirations including those who wish to combine workplace learning with more formal academic study. The school’s relationship with nearby educational institutions in the Peninsula Alliance means that our students have access to subjects offered by nearby institutions as well, providing further opportunities for our students.


  • Enjoyment: students generally succeed in subjects and areas they enjoy.
  • Achievement: success is a form of positive reinforcement and increases motivation.
  • Pre-requisites: students may need certain subjects for future studies.
  • Skill Development: maintains or develops a student’s natural skill level.


  • Determine if there are pre-requisites for your intended pathway, whether it be career or furter study. Students should refer to the Job Guide and/or the VTAC guide for information on required pre-requisites.
  • The VCE and VCAL programs are a minimum of two years of study and it is beneficial for some subjects to be taken across both years.
  • Students should aim for a balanced course load across each year level. Subjects should be chosen for pre-requisite requirements but also for enjoyment.
  • Students entering Year 10 are required to choose either a VCE or VET subject. This is a good time to choose a subject for which the student displays a passion or particular interest.