Dyslexia Aware

Does your child have problems learning? Are they easily frustrated or embarrassed? Do they have a lowered self-esteem and/or emotional difficulties? Do they feel like they are facing a life-long sentence of underachievement with their learning, despite working hard and doing their best? Would they rather give up?

They may have Dyslexia. Did you know that in Australia, Dyslexia is not recognised by our government as a problem? This being despite that fact that evidence suggests that it is a condition affecting 5-10% of Australians. As such, our schools are not funded for, or equipped with, enough specialized support to assist these students to learn effectively. Dyslexia affects the ability of otherwise bright people to process printed language. They usually display a strong mismatch “between oral skills and literacy skills, like a breakdown in the processing of written language. The “simple” task of reading for them is so hard both physically and mentally, that a mere “20-minutes” of reading can feel like several hours of stressful, hard, physical work. All too often in school, these children are labelled as being “lazy”. To an unaware teacher, orally they appear to be very skilled learners. They appear knowledgeable, learning very quickly and in great depth. Yet, they produce very little if any written work.

Monterey is taking steps to become a Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome aware school. Teachers have been trained to understand and screen students for Irlen Syndrome and accommodations to reduce glare in the classrooms have been undertaken. Our staff are working with various professionals in the field of Dyslexia to understand how best to assist children with this learning difficulty in our classrooms. Training will be on-going over the next few years and include a number of professionals with skills in this field, so that Monterey staff are informed and skilled, to best assist these students. We welcome students with these language based learning difficulties.