Exercise Science and Physical Education at RMIT

On Wednesday the 15th of November some Year 9 and 10 students from ‘Sports Performance’ and ‘Fitness Development’ attended an excursion to RMIT University in Bundoora to explore the Exercise Science and Physical Education courses that they offer.

The students attended a brief lecture that provided knowledge about their courses and told some inspiring stories about the pathways that some students had taken to get into tertiary education. They then participated in an ‘Amazing Race’ event around the campus. Students then got to participate in some ‘ultimate frisbee’ and ‘kin ball’ games that were run by Physical Education students. Some physical testing of agility, vertical jump and reaction time was coordinated by RMIT Exercise Science students.

At the conclusion of the Day 3 of our students received recognition for excellence. Kenan had recorded the fastest agility time for the week at RMIT, Harvey recorded the highest vertical jump for the week and Tyler was awarded the Monterey MVP award for his effort and encouragement of others throughout the day.

Overall, it was a great day that hopefully provided some inspiration to our students, strengthened their understanding of tertiary pathways and also had a lot of fun!