Food Technology

At Monterey Secondary College, we offer Food Technology from Years 7 to 10 and Food Studies at VCE Year 11. With brand new facilities and state of the art brand new kitchen we allow our students to take over their own kitchenette to put the theory they’ve learned into practice!

At Year 7 we learn about Kitchen Safety and how to use the equipment in the kitchen safely. With Year 8 we also touch on Kitchen and Food Safety but we look further into fresh produce, where it comes from, how it’s sustained and then we put what knowledge the students have gained from theory lessons into practice every fortnight. Year 9 Food Technology looks at Superfoods and why they have become so popular in society and with Year 10 studies the Functional Properties of Food. Food Technology 7-10 only meets once a week for a double session so we tend to stick to Theory work one week and a Practical class the other.

With Food Studies Unit 1 we explore the Food Origins of different cultures in the World. We study the agriculture of where food comes from the past up until today’s trends in our Food World. Students also will focus on the history and culture of food in Australia. Students look at indigenous food prior to European settlement and the attempts of the first non-indigenous settlers to establish a secure and sustainable food supply. Unit 2 students investigate food systems in contemporary Australia. They study food production industries and small-scale domestic settings.