India Trip Blog


Day One:

Monterey students have arrived in India!

Monterey students have taken their second flight and a very interesting bus ride with Mahogany Rise to arrive at their hotel in Delhi. Students encountered cows in the middle of a freeway and all sorts of interesting traffic. Students travelled to get to a temple. No cameras were allowed there so you only get the distance view. Temple is Akshardham if you want to check it out.

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Day Two:

Students in India had an amazing rickshaw ride through the streets of old Delhi. The sights and smells were a very different experience for all. See if you can find the monkey. More exploring included beautiful and ancient Wutab Minar.

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Day Three:

Today students visited Agra Fort and in the afternoon went to a viewing area to take photos of the Taj Mahal. Monterey together with Mahogany Rise and Aldercourt Primary School piled on the bus for a 3 hour trip to Agra. The countryside was mostly fields of rice and sugar cane. Students saw many people working in the fields. The streets of Agra were fascinating and varied. Those who were awake were glued to the window as they drove through the streets full of people and water buffalo. In the afternoon photos were taken from a distance of the Taj Mahal

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Day Four:

Today students went to the Taj Mahal and afterwards they went to the marble factory and saw how the Taj Mahal marble tiles were made. The marble was shaped and polished by hand. Pictures were carved into the stone and semi-prescious stones were carved by hand to put into the carvings. Some of the stones used were turquoise, malachite, mother of pearl and carnelian.

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Day Five:

Students have arrived at Adhyapana School India and were presented with a beautiful welcome ceremony and school assembly.

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