Meet our new teachers

The 2017 school year welcomed 7 new teaching staff to Monterey, with a mixture of both graduates and experienced teachers. Together, their knowledge, experience and ideas has raised the level of teaching and learning standards across the school and helped to create a learning environment to set up our students for success this year and into the future.

Aaron Palmer

Hi! My name is Aaron Palmer and I have started working at Monterey this year after six years of teaching in two other schools. My interests outside of teaching are mainly based around sport. I still play basketball and enjoy watching basically any other sport as well. I also enjoy running, going to the gym and playing golf with my mates.

I became a PE teacher because of my love of sport. I’m also an enthusiastic person that likes to be active and working with a range of different people; which suits teaching perfectly. I have enjoyed the start of my time at Monterey! The school has such a good feel amongst staff and students. The wide range of different sport based subjects that I am teaching this year has certainly been a highlight. I believe that this is a real benefit for students that value and enjoy their sport.


Chloe Gladstone

My name is Chloe Gladstone. I have a love for making a difference in someones life. I love to see people/students succeed and overcome challenges. The relationships you develop over the years with students are rewarding and inspiring. I love watching the AFL, spending time with my family, friends and dogs and renovating caravans. The schools vision and values are very similar to my own. I feel very excited to come into a school which has a focus on community involvement and participation. Monterey  is also about to undertake extensive renovations which is also a very exciting time.



My name is Caitlin Latham and I am a new addition to the teaching team at Monterey. This year I am teaching English (my one true love), however I am also a passionate Legal Studies teacher. I decided to become a teacher when I was 10 years old, after helping a friend understand a concept in class. Being able to share my knowledge and the learning experience with another student ignited a fire in my heart, and a love for teaching which has yet to fade.

Outside of teaching I have a strong love for reading, musical theatre, and video gaming (which the kids find utterly bizarre). I love how these three completely different modes tell stories in their own unique ways. I look forward to sharing my love for English with my students and encouraging them to read, appreciate and make connections with every story they can get their hands on, as storytelling has always been central to our existence.



My name is Daniel and at Monterey I teach music. I  got into teaching because I wanted to engage with people about music and I thought I might have something interesting to say. I like teaching at Monterey becuase the staff and teachers are friendly, supportive and the students are great. My interst include music, sports and boardgames.


Krystle Perdevski

My name is Krystle Perdevski,I have always liked learning and discovering new things. I am passionate about Biology, in particular human physiology and anatomy and the ecological relationships between living organisms. I started at Monterey Secondary College in 2016 and am currently the ‘Head of Science’. I am excited about working with other staff at Monterey to develop a new STEM program that will engage and excite our students.


Tahlia krywyn

My name is Tahlia Krywyn. At Monterey I teach junior classes for Literacy, French, and Health. I also am the Head of On Demand Testing and NAPLAN.  My personal interests are reading, spending time with my loved ones, watching my favorite TV shows and going out for a coffee. I got into teaching because my mother is a teacher and since a young toddler I have always wanted to become one. She has inspired me into the teaching world and I love being able to teach students to the best of their ability. Everything excites me about teaching at Monterey and being able to share my passions to the students.



I’m Nathan, I teach drums at Monterey and as you would’ve guessed, I love playing music! Whether it’s hip-hop or playing banjo, I love it all. Other than spending my time playing music, I also work at Mahogany Rise teaching music and helping out in different classrooms.
Playing music is what helped me survive high school and ultimately changed what I wanted to do with my life. I’m excited to see students excel in creative arts and can’t wait to see what Monterey can achieve in 2017!


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