VET Sport and Recreation Ski Camp

Last week, our VET Sport and Recreation students were fortunate to travel to Mount Buller for a three day ski trip, where they learnt the fundamentals of skiing and how they can use these skills in a sport or recreational career. Below is a fantastic essay written by Ryley who atteneded the ski trip.


On Wednesday the 30th of August, we went to Mt. Buller to ski down the slopes. On the first day the first year Sport & Rec students participated in skiing lessons with their instructor Clara, they learnt how to turn, slow down and stay balanced, all these skills are needed to perfect the art of skiing. As me (Ryley) being second year I left the group to venture the slopes with Ms. Gladstone. First we went down a run called the shaky knees, my skiing skills were a bit rusty so I fell a couple of times. At 4:45 all skiers had to meet at a tree in the middle of the mountain, my friend and I were a little late due to some technical difficulties. Once re-grouped we all headed back to our accommodation the ‘Double-B Ski Lodge’ where we would cook and eat our meals then chill for a couple hours until we went to bed.

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Braving some very cold and wet conditions, 35 students spent Tuesday competing at Ballam Park in Athletics Track and Field events. The competition saw a number of high placings, with 9 Third, 13 Second and 6 First. The 6 First place comptetitors will have the opportunity to represent our school at the Southern Finals in the first week of Term 4. Congratulations to all who succeed today, and a great effort from all those involved.

Year 11 VCAL Sport – NRL Coaching Assessment

On the 24th of August the Year 11 VCAL Sport students had a visit from Ali & Joel from the NRL. The VCAL students have been working towards getting their NRL coaching accreditation. They had completed their online training and had planned practical rugby league lessons that could be delivered to primary school students. Ali and Joel came out to assess our students ability to deliver those activities and lessons. Ali and Joel were extremely impressed with the ability of our group. As a result, these students will receive their NRL coaching certificate and will also be involved in assisting the NRL in running some primary school gala days later on in the year.

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Year 9 & 10 Basketball

On the 22nd of August our Year 9 & 10 boys basketball team competed in the district competition. While the results of the day didn’t go their way, it was great to see their hard work in the lead up. The boys played 6 games for the day. They finished with 1 win and 5 losses. However, they had some really positive results throughout the day. Their win was against Patterson River – who had actually just beaten Carrum Downs (who were the eventual winners of the day). They led Frankston High School by 7 points at half time before narrowly going down by 3 points. Well done on a great day boys!

The Future of Fossil Fuels

VCAL Senior students braved a freezing day at Loy Yang B station to learn the intricacies of how Electricity is generated in Victoria and to evaluate the future of fossil fuels. The excursion was a suggestion made by the students who wanted to “understand what the fuss about coal is”. These students are investigating the careers pathways and jobs that will exist in the future.

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Lego Mindstorms Donation

Last week we were very fortunate to receive a donation of Lego Mindstorms worth $3000 from Westpac Bank and Ardoch Foundation. These are programmable construction sets that help students build, program and command Lego robots through PCs, tablets and smartphones and will be used in our Robotics and STEM programs.

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Jeans for Genes Day

On Friday 4 August, Monterey celebrated Jeans for Genes day to raise money for the Children’s Medical Research Institute. Monterey raised $315 for the cause which will help find ways to treat and prevent childhood cancer, epilepsy, birth defects and genetic diseases.

Speed Careers

On Friday 11th August our Year 9 and 10 students participated in a Speed Careers event.  Ten employees from all walks of life came and talked to our students about their careers and the path they took to get there. Continue reading