The Mathematics curriculum at Monterey focuses on providing students with mathematical skills and ideas which they will be able to draw on in both their work and personal lives and help to develop their skills in other learning areas. As Mathematical ideas have changed and evolved across cultures over thousands of years, including recently with digital technologies, the Mathematics curriculum and the way it is taught has had to evolve alongside.

Mathematics plays not only a vital role in problem-solving, but also in enabling and sustaining cultural, economic, and technological advances. Number, measurement, geometry, statistics and probability are the most used mathematical aspects of a person’s everyday life, including their role in the workplace. Extending this to algebra, functions, relations and structure help people to understand the world around them.

Our core Mathematics curriculum focuses on helping students develop the understanding and fluency of mathematics and the role it plays in their everyday lives, as well as how it can help them to problem solve and respond to familiar and non-familiar situations, empowering them to make informed decisions and problem solve efficiently and effectively.

Year 7 students will be undertaking the On Demand Testing program to determine the level they are performing at in areas such as general mathematics, number and algebra, and measurement and geometry. This will provide teachers and students with valuable information about areas where students are performing and areas which need improvement.

Monterey takes part in the Australian Maths Trust Competition, this year held on 9th of August, where students can compete against others across Australia.