Our Student Leaders

Our student leaders form a vital part of our student body, acting as a liaison between students and the school leadership team. Their role is to support their fellow students, teachers and help to organise student events throughout the year.


Monterey is a great school that offers a lot of programs to help keep students interested in school and want to come to school every day. The teachers and support staff always have our best interests at heart and do all they can to help us succeed. As a School Captain, I hope to set an example to other students of what is expected of them and that they can do anything they put their heart to, as well as help to encourage them to become more involved in the school community.


I’m Brandon and I’m excited to be at Monterey for the next stage of my education. The teachers here are great and I have a lot of great friends here, too. I hope to contribute to the Monterey community by being responsible and a role model to the other Year 7 students. I also love being part of the student leadership team with the other leaders.


My name is Angelina and I hope to contribute to Monterey in a way that makes everyone say they love coming to school. I like being a student at Monterey because everyone is nice and helpful. The teachers always try their hardest to teach and the other staff are also there to help us.


By being a student leader, I hope to demonstrate to other students how to behave responsibly and always try their best. I like Monterey because it has great people and a number of opportunities for students.


My name is Brandon and as a student leader, I hope that I can be a great role model to other students, as well as organising events and working with the other leaders and teachers in supporting the Year 8 class and helping to make it better. Monterey has a lot of opportunities for a student’s future, we have great teachers who are always there to support us and help with any struggles we have in schooling or personal life.


At Monterey, I hope to make students feel happy to be at school, get a good education and represent their school and the opportunities they have. Monterey is a great school for students as everyone is friendly, welcoming and they make you feel like you belong. The teachers do their best with every student and always make you feel welcome.


My name is Tabatha and I like being a student at Monterey because the school has helped me to realise things I haven’t before and allowed me to grow as a person. As a student leader, I hope to try and contribute to other peoples’ ideas to make the Monterey community a better learning place.


I like Monterey because the teachers and students can engage in discussion which provides students with a comfortable environment to voice their ideas and opinions. I hope to be a friend to all students and I hope to be someone that people can openly talk to about their issues and to make Monterey a safe environment for everyone.


My name is Braydon and I enjoy being a student at Monterey because the students and teachers are friendly and provide a nice and safe environment. I hope to make the students’ voice heard and do all I can to make sure that the school is happy and safe for all.


I hope to contribute to Monterey as a student leader and that I will inspire the other students to make a difference. I like studying at Monterey because the teachers are dedicated to helping with our education and are always pushing us to do our best.