Physical Education and Health

Included as a part of the curriculum at Monterey is Health and Physical Education. Students are also offered a number of opportunities to participate in competitive and non-competitiveĀ sports.

The Health and PE curriculum encourages students to develop an understanding and knowledge of their sense of self, to build and manage relationships, and the importance of physcial, mentalĀ and social wellbeing to their overall health. Students are given the skills to make decisions regarding their health, safety, and physical activity and to understand how decisions they make may affect their health, in the short, medium and long-terms. As students become more mature, the curriculum matures alongside to ensure that students are equipped with the information they need to make their own choices and understand the transition from adolescence into adulthood. Students understand the importance of physical activity, movement skills, sports techniques and the roles physical activity, outdoor recreation and sport play in Australian society.

Students are regularly involved in coaching sessions with professionals and elite sporting codes, including the AFL and NRL.

Students at Monterey are divided into a house group which they represent at house sporting carnivals. Students will belong to either Foster (Red), Burke (Green), King (Blue), Bryant (Yellow) houses.

The House Swimming Carnival provides students a chance to represent their house group and compete with each other in races, novelty events, and costume competitions. The Swimming Carnival is held at the local Pines Pool.

Students will again represent their house in the House Athletics Carnival, held at the Ballam Park Athletics Track. Short and long distance running events along with field events will be on offer to students.

All students have the chance to be put together in a team sport with other students in their year level and will compete in an all-day Round Robin events againstĀ other schools in our division.