School Attendance

There is clear evidence to show the link between student attendance rates at school and their academic success. Missing just two days a month of class is enough to severely impact a child’s education. At Monterey, we have strong focus on making sure that students attend class every day and stay in school for as long as they need, to ensure that they are set up for success beyond their secondary education. If a student misses only 8 days a term, by the end of high school they will have missed almost half a year of school. Just as important to attend class every day is arriving at school on time, before the start of the school day.

The Wellbeing and Leadership teams work together with parents, families, students, teachers and the Attendance Officer to develop strategies and programs to ensure that students can attend school as much as possible, in an environment that allows them to learn at their own pace and reduce the number of days spent absent. Obviously, there are times when an absence from school is necessary and these are understood by the school.

If you have an inquiries or concerns about your student’s attendance at school, please do not hesitate to contact your students Co-ordinator or the Wellbeing Team.