At Monterey we have combined Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program. Our staff are working with Deakin University to develop an engaging curriculum that takes students real-world knowledge and experiences and uses these in the classroom. Through STEM learning students develop their critical, analytical, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Our students are encouraged to be creative, to ask questions and to make mistakes as a way of learning and moving forward in their understanding of the world. As the world around us changes and new technologies allow us to better understand how the world works, our students learn how to problem solve, predict phenomena and apply their understanding to new situations and appreciate the dynamic nature of science. Our curriculum focuses on the knowledge of the biological, chemical, physical, Earth and space sciences.

Students in Years 7 – 9 have many opportunities to learn through hands-on experiences both at school and through excursions and incursions. In Term 3, some of our Year 9 students will be taking part in a Mission to Mars at the Victorian Space Science Education Center. Our Year 7 and 8 STEM students are excited to learn the basics of 3D design and will have the opportunity to print using our Makerbot 3D printer.

At Year 10 level, students are able to select which science streams they wish to focus on. They may select from Biology, Psychology, Robotics or Forensics.  Our STEM curriculum extends to the VCE program where students can choose from a number of STEM-focused subjects. STEM classes are held in our dedicated STEM centre.