The Arts

Monterey has had a long tradition of running successful Arts programs to support students who have ambitions of careers in the Arts industry, as well as students who simply enjoy the creativity and expression of playing an instrument, acting or creating artworks.

Our Arts curriculum consists of subjects such as Art, Studio Arts, Media, Photography, Drama and Music across the Victorian Curriculum, VCE and VET. Students are also able to participate in extra-curricular instrumental programs as well as being a member of the school band. Our subjects enable students to develop their creative and expressive capabilities by learning different practices, disciplines, traditions and techniques that have shaped societies and cultures in Australia and around the world.

Students are presented with ideas that are rich and dynamic, in both traditional and emerging contexts, so that they are able to respond to questions and beliefs about identity and culture and able to enrich Australian society while exploring performance arts and visual representation and expression. The contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to Australia’s arts heritage and culture are also explored.

Monterey Secondary College provides an excellent classroom music program from Year 7 – 12 which includes VET Cert II in Music. The program focuses on developing student’s performance skills as well as developing a solid understanding of music theory.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental lessons are offered for voice, piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion, clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone, tuba and saxophone. Students who undertake music elective at Year 9, 10 and VET levels are enrolled in compulsory instrumental lessons as part of the course. Other students have the opportunity to participate at a cost of $10 per term.

Performance Opportunities

Monterey Secondary College holds several performance nights, concerts and variety nights every year. Students have the opportunity to perform during these events or one of the many external events the College music department participates in every year.