VET Sport and Recreation Ski Camp

Last week, our VET Sport and Recreation students were fortunate to travel to Mount Buller for a three day ski trip, where they learnt the fundamentals of skiing and how they can use these skills in a sport or recreational career. Below is a fantastic essay written by Ryley who atteneded the ski trip.


On Wednesday the 30th of August, we went to Mt. Buller to ski down the slopes. On the first day the first year Sport & Rec students participated in skiing lessons with their instructor Clara, they learnt how to turn, slow down and stay balanced, all these skills are needed to perfect the art of skiing. As me (Ryley) being second year I left the group to venture the slopes with Ms. Gladstone. First we went down a run called the shaky knees, my skiing skills were a bit rusty so I fell a couple of times. At 4:45 all skiers had to meet at a tree in the middle of the mountain, my friend and I were a little late due to some technical difficulties. Once re-grouped we all headed back to our accommodation the ‘Double-B Ski Lodge’ where we would cook and eat our meals then chill for a couple hours until we went to bed.


On day two of the ski camp we had a strict wake up time of 8 AM which I found to be very difficult due to the amount of skiing I had done the day before. Once I finally dragged myself out of bed I made a massive bowl of coco pops and got prepared for another day down on the slopes. Once everyone was ready we grabbed our skis and poles and headed up the mountain to our skiing lessons, yet again I left the skiing lessons to go down some of the intermediate runs. About 30 minutes into skiing I found myself going down a run called the ‘boomerang’ I thought to myself that this would be a breeze and it would be over in less than 5 minutes… I could have never been so wrong. Half way down the boomerang run I came past a sign that had the words ‘”caution” on it but I didn’t understand what I had to be careful of, the path wasn’t very well directed so accidently kept going straight and did a massive jump onto another run when I was supposed to turn right. When I realized I was on the wrong track it was too late, I was at the start of a very steep, icy and tight track that was almost not able to be skied. I was having a really tough time getting down this hill so eventually I got sick of falling over and trying to get my skis back on so I just took them off and rolled down the mountain to try and get to a spot where I could actually ski and finally I did after about 15 minutes. I was exhausted. After this endeavour I was more careful and actually looked where I was going so I didn’t make the same mistake again, but I troopered on and kept skiing up and down the mountain until our curfew which was again at 4:45, luckily this time I got there on time, went back to the lodge and ate dinner. On this night I realized I had run out of milk so my friends and I decided to go for a run to the shops, on our way up we came across a B grade celebrity Jane Bunn, the 7 News Meteorologist, we tried to get in the background of the news but I don’t think we succeeded, after that we continued our mission and went to the shops then returned to our cabin to inform everyone what had just happened.


Day 3 was sadly our last day, we all woke up, had breakfast (yet again I had a massive bowl of coco pops) and packed our bags getting ready to say farewell to the ‘Double-B Ski Lodge’ for what could possibly be the last time ever. Once packed we got into our ski gear and headed out onto the slopes for the final time of the camp, this time I decided to stay with the group to see how much their skiing skills had improved and they did, the group was skiing really well it was quite impressive, I then went off my own down a run called ‘shakey knees’ where I was going down very fast and fell over, when I put my skis back on I realized I had bent one of the clips making it near impossible to ski down the mountain, so I had to ski with basically one ski to the shop to exchange my skis. With my new skis I regrouped with Samuel and Grant to go down the ‘shakey knees’ again which was an intermediate course, we had a couple of stacks but eventually made it to the bottom of the run and took a ski lift back to the top. We had to be back at the ski shop at 12:30 so with a glance at my iPhone I realised we had enough time to go down the mountain one more time. I had found a jump on the way down the mountain so we decided to try and complete the jump with Grant leading the group follow by Samuel and then myself, Grant was going way too slow so I took it upon myself to overtake him at a very high speed, what I didn’t realise was that I wasn’t centered with the ramp and hit it on an angle, I soared through the air like a majestic eagle and came crashing down like a sack of potatoes hitting the ground with force. My friends just proceeded to laugh at me and not even ask if I was ok, I was in pain for a short amount of time but after 2 minutes, I got up and headed down the mountain to return my skis. We then walked back to the ‘Double-B Ski Lodge’ to get changed into normal clothes and headed back home to reunite with our loved ones. Overall, we had a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the Sport & Recreational industry.


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