Wellbeing Team

The Monterey Student Wellbeing Team offers support to students, teachers and families in relation to problems and concerns that may be having an effect on a student’s academic achievements and development at school. Such concerns may involve personal problems, friendship difficulties, family issues, learning and behavioural difficulties and health concerns. Resources within the school and in the local community are available to help address these issues and can be utilised with the assistance of the Student Wellbeing Team.

The Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator is responsible for developing programs within the school that address students needs and assist them to develop skills in coping with life situations and their education, with emphasis given to developing each student’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Student Wellbeing at Monterey addresses the needs of all students, through programs, student support, counselling and family support. We seek to promote responsible behaviour and develop resilience in students through positive relationships, opportunities for wide-ranging participation and high expectations of positive attitudes to learning.

The Wellbeing Team is lead by Catherine Dunn. Catherine has worked in other schools and local communities and enjoys assisting individual students with counselling and practical assistance with a positive outlook so that ultimately all students are able to learn and succeed. In addition, Catherine and the Wellbeing Team will be involved in creating programs for students while whilst working with teaching staff, other local schools and community agencies. Catherine looks forward to meeting students and families throughout the year and assisting them where she can.

Students and family members are always welcome to make an appointment to have a chat about personal difficulties that are getting in the way of student learning and wellbeing.

Our wellbeing team consists of:

  • Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator
  • Kate Shanks and Tasmin Lewis, School Chaplains
  • Renee Molloy, School Nurse
  • Koori Engagement Support Officer
  • School-Based Psychologists

If you have any concerns relating to your child’s wellbeing, please do not hesitate to contact the school.