Year 9 Learning for Life

The ‘Learning For Life’ program is a unique and exciting educational program specifically designed for Year 9 students. It provides students with real-world learning experiences tailored to their needs and develops responsibility for learning, whilst guiding and supporting students in the learning process. The program helps students become real-world thinkers and problem solvers in a context that is rich, rewarding and relevant. Learning For Life offers a range of alternative learning opportunities for all Year 9 students at Monterey.

All Year 9 students undertake:

  • Literacy (5 periods per week)
  • Numeracy (5 periods per week)
  • Inquiry (3 periods per week)
  • Science (3 periods per week)
  • PE (2 periods per week)
  • Health (1 period per week)
  • My Community (3 periods per week)


My Community runs for one double session and one single session per week for Learning For Life students and provides them with the opportunity to interact with the community. Students are able to select from a variety of community projects to be involved in. As part of My Community students also complete their Advance certificate and Level II First Aid. To celebrate their achievements across the year all students attend a camp at the Summit where they participate in various activities that build on teamwork and leadership skills.


In the 2018 Learning For Life program, students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of electives, including

  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Basketball Clinic
  • Food Technology
  • Introduction to Automotive
  • Music
  • Painting and Drawing
  • Photography
  • Sports Performance
  • Textiles
  • Woodwork


Students from the Learning For Life Program also have the opportunity to participate in an international exchange program with our sister school in India, where they will have an opportunity to travel to India and visit our sister school, the Adhyapana School, in the southern city of Madurai.


The Year 9 program is managed by Rob Sale, the Year 9  Team Leader. Mr Sale, a member of the teaching staff, ensures the smooth running of the Year 9 program and is the point of contact for parents of Year 9 students.