Principal’s Welcome

Welcome back to all staff and students for what will be an incredibly exciting 2018, full of opportunities for our students.

After a year of planning and building, the college’s new facilities will be ready for students within the first three weeks of the school year, and we would like to extend a thank you to the school community for their patience while we undertake the transition.

With brand new facilities, furnishings and state-of-the-art ICT, the supports around teaching and learning have definitely taken a big step up and the excitement amongst the student cohort is evident as they move from the old classrooms into their new learning spaces.

Despite not having made the immediate transition into the new buildings, the year commenced in a very orderly fashion with all students in complete school uniform, on time to class and ready to learn.

This year in order to capture our priorities, the college has developed a mantra consisting of three key elements that will be at the forefront of and will help to frame everything that we do across 2018.

The elements are:

  • Every minute counts

Attendance and punctuality are of vital importance. This year a strong emphasis will be placed on all students presenting for class on time, prepared and ready to learn.

  • Effective teaching in every classroom

All teaching staff will plan effectively in collaboration and in support of each other and their students to present a curriculum that progresses the learning of all students and caters to individual needs.

  • Every child matters and can progress their learning growth

Our staff acknowledge that every child can learn and we expect as an absolute minimum no less than one year’s learning growth from one year’s attendance at the college.

Throughout the year I will be inviting parents to attend regular forums in our new Community Meeting Space so as to work holistically to ensure that every Monterey student has a full secondary college experience and achieves the very best outcome possible.




Stuart Jones

College Principal