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The best start to school

Year 7 marks an important time in students’ lives, their first experience in secondary education. Monterey Secondary College understands that this can be a challenging time for students both in terms of their academic and personal development.

Monterey Secondary College has a deep relationship with many local Seaford and Frankston schools, and works with students from these primary schools to provide as much “transition” experience as possible for future Monterey students. This sees primary students onsite engaging in activities at Monterey and also our staff and students visiting the primary schools to provide information and deliver programs.

Regardless of which primary school they come from, all Year 7 students joining Monterey Secondary College engage in a statewide transition day at the end of the year prior to commencing Year 7.

Once they begin with us in Year 7, students ease into the secondary experience with targeted transition and orientation events in the first weeks and months of the school year.

All Year 7 students participate in a camp to Phillip Island where they build their social network and engage in outdoor and adventure activities. This is a highlight of the year for many.

Learning for life

Year 7 provides students with a broad range of subjects to begin their secondary school journey.

Our Year 7 and 8 program is tailored to the individual needs and interests of students through differentiated learning. Differentiated learning sees programs and lessons structured around the aptitude and ability of individual students. This means each child can be engaged in the process, making their learning productive, relevant and meaningful.

Our small class sizes across the school enable teachers to develop deep learning relationships with each child and tailor educational programs meet the students’ individual needs.

From the moment they start with us every student at Monterey Secondary College is noticed, supported and extended on a pathway to academic and personal growth.

In year 7 students access the following learning opportunities:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Design and Digital Technology
  • Art
  • Cooking and Food Technology
  • Humanities

In each learning area students build connectedness to their world, establishing links between what they learn and deepening their knowledge. Classrooms at Monterey Secondary College are dynamic spaces where teachers set clear learning intentions for students, monitor their progress using formative assessment and base future teaching on their findings – this is all underpinned by our research-based instructional model. This enables each student to feel challenged, stimulated and engaged.

Student wellbeing

Each student has the support of a first-class well-being and pastoral care team made that follows them as they move through Year’s 7-9. This team is responsible for helping students with challenges in their learning, engagement or well-being. Learn more about our wellbeing team here.

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